How to get hellbanned from Hacker News in minutes.

I had decent karma before today, and started posting on the Nokia story today. I even got some upvotes but suddently in a matter of minutes, my karma dropped 10 points and the site became very slow, so I realized I got hellbanned. Looks like a few folks decided to go through and downvote all my posts. Thanks guys! I bow to your power.

Protip: On HN, don't dare to make any comments that can be construed in any way as going against the echo chamber, especially pro-Microsoft, anti-Android, or even pro-Apple posts these days. You will get hit with knee-jerk downvotes and eventually be relegated to a special kind of hell where only you can see your posts, especially if you're a new commenter, all for the crime of not towing to the party line.
Here is the link to my comments(you need to be logged in and set showdead on in your profile to see some of my killed posts).
I also see a lot of other accounts who post [dead] whose comments are civil and reasoned but have gone against the HN partyline.

However, if you call Microsoft 'M$', you will get upvotes(well, atleast not downvoted into oblivion). Case(s) in point:

Update: I posted this on HN: